Hyderabad – The Place to Go to for Quality IT Training

Hyderabad, state capital of AP, India has emerged as a hub for software and IT-enabled services. Hyderabad is home to many Indian IT firms along with a multitude of global IT companies who have setup their development centers. Inumerable IT organizations, consulting firms, BPO firms and other technological services firms have opened their headquarters and/or facilities in the city since the 1990s. Some of the notable ones being Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Amazon. IT exports from Hyderabad alone exceeded $1 billion in 2004, responsible for a major chunk of the revenue generated from software industry of India. The major reason for phenomenal grown of IT in Hyderabad has been the development of infrastructure collectively called as HITEC City, which encouraged many IT companies to set up operations in the city. The percolation of IT in to Hyderabad’s culture, education, economy and demographic is such that Hyderabad is also fondly called as Cyberabad.

Why is Hyderabad the Hub for IT Training in India?

Technical education in India has gained popularity because of the job opportunities created by IT companies setting up their offices in India. The number of engineers coming out of college every year is growing, and though one may debate the quality of talent churned out by the engineering colleges, the huge volume of the available employable resources itself makes it a profitable market for any IT organization. As the companies can recruit resources at a lower cost than most of the other countries, they prefer setting up their local development centers to tap in to the low cost local talent pool, and so far it has worked out nicely for them.

Thousands of engineers, fresh out of college rush to Hyderabad to look for opportunities in the IT companies of Hyderabad. However, the skillset demanded by the IT companies is most of the times not met by the fresh graduates. They have to learn new IT skills, have hands on experience of software engineering, in order to be sale able in a job position in one of these IT companies. So, they rush to IT training institutes in Hyderabad, where they can enroll for vocational courses on various technologies. Normally the courses provided by the software institutes would be couple of months of duration, the fees could range anywhere from 2000 to 20000/- or more,so that the students can comfortably pay the course fee while searching for a job in the city.

Where can one find the IT Training Institutes in Hyderabad

A large number of software institutes are located in Ameerpet. Ameerpet is located centrally within Hyderabad and has evolved as a training capital within the city, housing thousands of training institutes. The market is extremely competitive, and hence one should research thoroughly before choosing the software institute to join. You can find institutes providing training on entry level skills like HTML and MS Excel to specialized professional trainings like SAP implementation.

Other areas in Hyderabad where one can find lot of software training institutes are S.R.Nagar, Dilsukhnagar, Banjara hills and Koti.

A lot of the training institutes double up IT service providers. This gives them 2 benefits, first they get extra income from services, and second they can engage their trainees to work on the solutions.. This is helpful to the students as well as they get to work on real software projects and be able to implement what they learn in the training classes.

Hyderabad is certainly the hub for IT coaching and learning, thanks to the large number of training institutes already established or mushrooming up. However, numbers do not always indicate quality. The training business is so much commercialized that it is very likely to be duped by fake or unreliable training institutes. There are also dubious institutes who create fake experience certificates for students at an additional fee. The students can then get a better job in some organization through lateral entry by using these fake certificates.

Of late, online IT training business is catching up world wide and Hyderabad is no exception. There are some major players in Hyderabad who have started their online training facilities couple of years ago. Some of them are doing really good. One can expect lower fees and a flexible curriculum as per your needs if one goes with online learning from one of these IT training institutes.

Do you want to know which IT trainings will give you the edge over others? Which online training is going to get you in to the coveted job?

You can find more information about the online training and IT Training in Hyderabad from the following website: http://www.ittraininghyderabad.com