Government Grants for Women Education

The government is often keen to ensure that, minority and disadvantaged groups are always offered extra help in everything. This is the reason why, there are free government grants for the education of women. The grants are awarded to ensure that, women get the desired education, so that they can favorably compete in the job markets with the men.

The US government grants are awarded to women, because previously, many college positions were offered to men as opposed to women. It was, therefore, realized that the number women in colleges was very small. The government then devised means of ensuring that this number was increased to match that of the men. College grants were then introduced for women, and today, the number of women in colleges is now more than that of men, which is a positive achievement.

School grants have also been awarded to women, because it is believed that, women drop out of school, to get married and have children. Therefore, by the time they desire to go back to school to get a quality education, there is hardly any income left. All the money is spent on child maintenance and child education, such that, at the end of the day, the women cannot afford the costs of education. In addition, many women today are the sole bread winners for their children, thus the need for attaining some education that will enable them to get jobs, and ultimately provide for their families. The government has, therefore, come out to assist such women get the education they desire by awarding them college grants.

Women in society have always been looked at as the less capable sex. In school and even after school, they are often passed over for their male counter parts. It has, however, been realized that educated women command more respect than the uneducated ones. The government, therefore, aims at improving the status of women in society by awarding them free education grants.

School grants for women are often awarded to women who are studying certain courses, which have very few female professionals. These include medicine, bio chemistry, bio physics and other science based courses. The US government grants, therefore, aim at increasing the number of women professionals in these fields of study.

However, it is crucial to note that, even after attaining education, women are still discriminated against. Women often earn less than their male colleagues, even if they both hold the same post. However, the award of grants for education of women by the government, has to some extent, leveled the playing ground.